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Individual Design Coach

About Individual Design

A relationship between Coach and Client


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Coach Clelia, personal training nashville

Coach Clelia

Individual Design... more than going to the gym and working out; it includes exploring how you eat and what you drink, how you sleep, and reflection on how you feel. Individual Design is Personal Training but with much, much more. You will discover and learn why exercise combined with the power of lifestyle, behavior, and nutrition consultation creates a fitness plan that is tailored to YOUR unique life. It is the perfect way to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.
Your fitness journey includes education and self-reflection.  As fitness and lifestyle habits need to align for the best results, you will benefit from the personalized attention I give to help you enjoy investing in your exercise and health.
We will work together to create a plan based on your abilities, schedule, needs, and goals. In addition, I will provide practical advice and encouragement, based on my many years of education and experience, sending your program every week using the TrueCoach app.


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Tailored workouts to do at home or at the gym

Outside-the-gym lifestyle changes

Nutrition guidance and behavior ideas that last a lifetime

Personal attention makes the difference!

My Individual Design programs are tailored to your unique fitness level, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.
If you:

  • Want to achieve a new aspect of your wellness and fitness but don’t know where to begin


  • Are ready to improve your current workout routine


  • Are curious about making lifestyle choices that make you feel and look better


  • Want to become your most confident self, inside and outside of the gym


  • Want to build your strength, both physically and mentally

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How it Starts:

Schedule a call - On your first, free consultation call, we’ll discuss your unique wellness goals and start the conversation of how to get you moving in the right direction.

Start the Journey - Once you commit, I put together a unique plan just for you and your wellness journey, all the while working alongside you for continual feedback and support. 

Become the best you- You’ll become your best self when you make your health a priority, and I will be there every step of the way.




Hello! I'm Clelia

I have been in the professional fitness space since 2015. One important aspect, that I continue to learn through my career, is everything comes back to the individual and their unique needs. This is why I have created my Coach Clelia Individual Design program and found that it works so well.

From all my experience in both group class and one-on-one settings, I feel capable of truly helping people reach their fitness, health, and lifestyle goals.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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coach clelia, individual design coach nashville

My Clients

“My mission is to support, guide, and collaborate with my clients through their journey to become stronger, more confident, and live their largest life possible.” 

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Ja'net Torrance

"Coach Clelia’s Individual Design program is so much more than just a workout plan.  It’s total body and lifestyle coaching. Clelia is supportive, motivating, and really fosters open two-way communication..."


Melody Sheppard


"I absolutely was looking for a traditional PT situation when I contacted Clelia, but it turns out this individual design style is FAR better suited for me, my lifestyle, schedule, and my needs..."


Cameron Gullett


"She really listens to your goals and helps you chart a course to achieve them while also giving you the support and tools to improve form, range of motion, eating habits, and a whole host of other benefits that sneak up on you just by trusting the process.."


Susan Platz


 "I was looking for help with creating an exercise program that would be sustainable, motivating, and doable at home. I got all that and more with Clelia! She became my coach remotely, and her program worked beautifully for me. Even though we’re a few thousand miles away, I have always felt completely supported and connected with her this whole time."

personal coach nashville
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