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Coach Clelia [Clay-Lee-Uh]

My journey in trained physical movement started at a young age. I was on the ice as a Figure Skater from ages 4 to 16. I worked with coaches then who, I now know, lacked the skills to teach me the basics of how to

support my body, mind, and spirit for quality performance, and without any conversation on health and longevity because they themselves hadn’t learned sufficient body training principles or concepts. They encouraged me to copy movements, or to move my foot in a particular way, without telling me to also pay attention to my knee, hip, shoulder,

head, and eyes. Those simple, yet not, easy elements, are what make the difference between progressing and staying in the same place. Body parts and systems never function in isolation; they rely on the alignment of all the other body parts with intention and focus.

Coach Clelia

After finding, and falling in love with the Sport of Fitness (CrossFit) in early 2014, I dove headfirst into the path to become a knowledgeable and proficient Professional Fitness Coach. I

earned the CrossFit Level 1 certification, then on to Level 2. I next earned the received Level 1 and Level 2 Weightlifting certifications with Coach Mike Burgener (Burgener Strength). I work on Coach B’s seminar staff currently.


I was the Operations Manager and Head Coach of a local Nashville area gym from 2014 to 2019 and loved the work at first. But by 2019, I was feeling burned out, both personally and professionally. Why couldn’t my clients get better in particular movements? What was keeping them from achieving their goals? How could I do better in supporting them?


The Universe provided the next step, an elevation in my education with the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). While spending the next 11.5 months learning and communicating with the top fitness coaches in this field, my mind expanded with a new perspective for how to be a Professional Coach. CCP teaches there is no single “best” exercise/diet/lifestyle program. The key lies in connecting each individual to their personal and unique reasons to seek fitness by bringing alignment, sustainability, and accessibility to their personalized programs. 


I commit to “walking my talk”, furthering my education, and working with my own Individual Design coach. I am delighted to share my dedication and skills to work with Individuals all over the country — I work Remotely and In-Person, and I’d love to work with you!

"I value moving daily, sunshine, drinking plenty of water, getting quality sleep, and continually working to better myself, inside and out!"

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